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QTN Graces GM 16 May, 2011

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QTN Sings

QTN Sings

The Green Man backyard theater harmonically resounded Friday the 13th, when troubadour Brian Cutean shared his ballads and six-string virtuosity with an intimate audience.  It was a picture-perfect, cool evening, with folks from the neighborhood and beyond marveling at the space, sampling the potluck cuisine, and digging the sounds.

The event marked the second presentation in as many months on the still-new Shed Stage. Music we heard varied from deep stories to mental dance tunes. Brian stands firmly in the tradition of wandering minstrel, and his lyrics reflect a creative life of purposeful travel and clever commentary. Clad in his tie-dyed splendor and ruffled hat, he’s a joy to behold.

From the Stage

From the Stage

Formerly an Austinite through most of the 1980s, Brian now lives in Oregon. He comes to Texas every spring for the Kerrville Folk Festival, which begins May 26. He pitches his tent directly next to Camp Patchouli and lovingly tends the Crow’s Nest fire circle.

For more information, visit QTN on his website.


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