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Acoustic Punk 10 August, 2011

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The Second Opinion belts out the tunes.

The Second Opinion belts out tunes.

Friday, Aug. 5: Once again, the Backyard Theater filled the warm evening air with music and lyrics—this time from the four- and six-string guitars and voice of The Second Opinion, perhaps Central Texas’ only unamplified group that plays all your punk-rock favorites. Its personnel are Robyn Gammill and Alex Lewis, who have played together for several years. Robyn is also half of the duo known as Strategic Biscuit, the band that debuted our stage this past May.

In keeping with the expected Green Man merriment, we all relished the pot-luck feast and beverage selection everyone contributed. By 7:40 or so, the neighborhood shadows had helped mitigate the day’s record-shattering temperatures. A breeze through that shade made the evening quite tolerable.

Backyard Theater patrons

Backyard Theater patrons

The first set set the mood for the whole night, with Robyn’s rockin’ vocalizations and Alex’s steady bottom beat. The appreciative audience chimed in on several hits, granting an air of participation to this intimate gathering.

As day turned to dusk, other talents stepped up to the stage and added variety to the concert. In his second appearance at the BYT, Noah Hodge banged his melodious improvisations on a borrowed guitar. Noah’s childhood friend Courtney graced us with with several unaccompanied songs, then collaborated with young Hodge to crank out some blues.

No & Co

No and Co

But impromptu soul was by no means the extent of our musical diversity that fair Frigga’s. Ahead of The Second Opinion’s final offering was an even fresher act, the Barrett Lewis Experience. Younger brother to the bassist, this diminutive artist let us know what life’s like living with diabetes. Could this be the world’s first musical expression of that challenging condition?

SO with Barrett

SO with Barrett

Other stories too numerous to recount here contributed to a most enlightening and fun time. Don’t miss the next billing!


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