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Cat-ching Up 27 October, 2011

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Sign of the Cat

Sign of the Cat

A thousand pardons for the long lapse in reporting! This post summarizes GM weekends from September 16 through October 14.

9-16 Responding to a huge party in Zilker Park, we did our own ACL, but it stood for All Cats Loved. That naturally followed the dog theme back in August, and shows how much we admire all our furry friends. See the song list here.

9-23 For the Fall Equinox, which begins the Season of Earth, we heard lyrics about land, dirt, sand, and other terrestrial subjects. Song list

9-30 sounded like a time of day, but was also that of Saint Sophia, the co-opted Goddess of Wisdom. Mozart supplied the intellectual sonic background. We held several brainy conversations and ate smart food. What else could you expect?

10-07 In celebration of Niels Bohr’s birthday, the ideas were of all things atomic: electrons, protons, neutrons, and quanta. I found the theme song from Atom Ant but missed Nukes in the News.

10-14 I doubt if anyone else in Texas or the US for that matter noticed this 945th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. We spoke with French and English accents, sipped French wine and English ale, and enjoyed all manner of cheeses and hors d’uvres. Our singing friends Los Dos regaled us with several belligerent songs.

Soon to come: more Backyard Theater concerts!


One Response to “Cat-ching Up”

  1. Jim Radio Says:

    Greetings from Borneo!
    In the coming weeks I will be visiting Kuching is NW Borneo. Kuching, which means “Cat” in Malay, enjoys a very good reputation as a travel destination.
    Plenty to see and do, but not too touristy. They have a cat museum there!
    And cat statues, and cat coffee houses, and…
    Will report in from Kuching, hopefully with pics, maybe in November.

    jim ellinger
    Bario, Borneo

    Community Radio station Radio Bario has
    now been on the air for 13 days and is
    doing very well. Pumping out a mighty
    50 watts at 94FM to approximately 8-900 folks
    in the valley, the station is entirely in the
    Kilabit dialect. Radio Bario is a project of
    EBario, a community internet/access project.

    Other, gov’t, projects have largely failed here:
    a hydro-electric system that was suppose to
    provide “municipal” electricity silted up and
    failed in one hour; a wind turbine was placed
    in the only part of the valley withOUT regular
    wind. “Bario,” in fact, means wind!

    And the trees continue to be cut down, ‘legally’
    and illegally, as fast as possible.

    There is now a ‘road’ from Miri to Bario. A
    bone-jarring 14 hour trip in a 4×4. It is not
    officially a highway, but a logging/clearing
    road from the timber companies. Less than a
    year ago there were no trucks or cycles here in
    Bario. Now there are few dozen of each. Beer and
    propane, two of the most vital commodoties, are
    now cheaper, so folks are generally happy with

    Damn few tourists…

    Looking forward to visiting a bamboo grove south
    of here. There has been a tiny amount of remediation/
    construction here using bamboo. I would love to see
    much more. A coupla Brits are planning a ‘cob’ house
    (we would call it adobe in Texas/Mexico), using mud
    and rice husks, both of which are in great supply here.

    I wish the Borneo Project the very best in your fund
    raising dinner. Austin Airwaves will be making a

    jim ellinger
    Austin Airwaves/AMARC/Radio Bario
    Bario, Borneo

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