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The KyMelia Show 4 November, 2011

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Ky Hote and Amelia Card

Ky Hote and Amelia Card

Friday, October 21: In perhaps the most professional program from the Backyard Theater to date, Amelia Card and Ky Hote filled the evening air with pleasing singer-songwritten tunes and lyrics. Ms. Card, offspring of Dallas’s famed folk venue Poor David’s Pub, delivered the first set of songs solo. Her bright style and cute ditties transported us to fun places and heightened emotions. Ky followed soon after with some of his own engaging tales accompanied by his virtuosic picking and barring. Near the close of Ky’s first grouping, he was joined by Jim Carpetas on pennywhistle.

After the break, Amelia and Ky played together. Some were Ky’s originals, and others Amelia’s. We heard not just the two guitars, percussion, and voices in various combinations, but Ky also pulled out Amelia’s banjo for one number. Overhead planes flying  and neighborhood dogs barking only added the the local flavor.

Holler and Bang

Holler and Bang

Other musician friends were in attendance, as well, and a couple guys from Holler and Bang erupted into a spontaneous performance. This happens frequently at the Green Man and everywhere else in this fabled city when creative folks get together.


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