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The Alamo is Fallen 8 March, 2015

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credit George Nelson

credit George Nelson


In a room full of Texans. Many interjections! Much annotation! “I KNOW him—that’s Turk Pipkin!” Extras were named, locations assured—that is Bastrop/this is Pioneer Farm.

It is as if there are THREE “Alamos.” First, the abortive John Wayne/Richard Widmark travesty. Next, this new (2004) version 90% true to history. Lastly, the actual “ALAMO.” Even now, bills are being passed to prevent foreign ownership of this grave/Memorial. It has changed hands and functions much like Tejas/Texas. (Six Flags Over Texas!) We (like Titanic/Avatar) all know the inevitable ending. This film begins with that. We relate to those acting famous roles and compare their depiction with known facts. To be in a small room with Texas fact-checkers makes me glad I am not Santa Anna.

– Thom the World Poet


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