Green Man Coffee House

History and News from Austin’s free-spirited Upper East Side

About 2 May, 2011

Pool of Light for a Circle of Friends

Pool of Light
for a Circle of Friends

Lina and Zow offer their neighborhood and friends a space for close conversation, interesting imagery, and acoustic sounds. Here on these pages you’ll find photos, write-ups, and recordings of past events plus background info about special offerings. We started doing this in August of 2009, as Lina’s art blog explains. The roots of the Green Man himself, however, go way, way back into ancient times.

Playing Misty for You

Playing Misty for You


One Response to “About”

  1. rickdroit Says:

    Hi guys, I see you had my long time friend Ky play there recently, I was wondering who to talk to about playing there, im a Kerrville person too, think we have met (used to go by “summer” my middle name), I have a new CD coming out with guests Sara Hickman, Warren Hood, Mark Hallman, Kristin DeWitt, Christopher Yarrow and more – and I play right now as an acoustic duo with Tami Griffin who plays flute, sings harmony and plays a little hand percussion too. depending on the night of the week, I also have a girl who plays fiddle and sits in on occasion. my email is and my website is – Thanks Lina and Zow!

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